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Cattery to Siberian Neva
Maskarade cats
WCF №10386-2016

18-19 February, Tver

In the young cattery The Crown of the Sun has lit a little star – graduate of the first litter Altair The Crown if the Sun (his mother is Beregina Nevskaya Radost, father – Amour Tayna Vselennoy) saw the light of the day and on his first exhibition “Charming Cats “, which took place 18-19 February in his hometown  organized FC “Alpha Cat” performed amazing!:
1st day:
WCF ring Kitten Total 15 – 1st place;
Mono breed show of Siberians Best Kitten;
Nom Bis
2nd day:
WCF ring Kitten Total 10 – 3rd place;
Nom Bis, BEST Kitten.
Well done, sonny! You’ve lived up my expectations! Great thank to the experts: Helen Ignatova and Svetlana Vlasenko for the high marks. It was very pleasant for me as for the breeder! And, of course, a great thank to the owner – Larise Kamenskaya for caring for this little wonder. I am very happy for the family, which came to the exhibition in full force and cheer for its pet! That’s great!

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