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Cattery to Siberian Neva
Maskarade cats
WCF №10386-2016

About Us

Welcome to our cattery website and have a good time meeting our pets.

My name’s Elena Milinchuk. I’m felinologist and leader of just opened cattery, “Corona of the Sun”, registered in WCF (Germany) and in “Alfa Cat” club (Russia, Tver).

“Corona of the Sun” is name associated with the celestial body which inspiring view makes us tremble. Somewhere high above in the sky the phenomenon of the Sun is energy bringing life to all living, and our pets like rays of the sun are charming by its beauty, tenderness, the great variety of colouring. They attract us by its warmness of tummy, soft paws, gentle purring and blue eyes looking into that you unwittingly smile, snuggle with, relax and get a lot of delight and energy for coming challenges!

In short, the majesty of the Sun gives strength and energy to our pets on the Earth, and they, in return, are able to give it to You! So reach out to our fluffy creations and find a piece of the Sun in your home.

Imagine together with them the sun in your home where come warmness, cosiness and light!

Discover the sky – discover cattery “Corona of the Sun”!