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Cattery to Siberian Neva
Maskarade cats
WCF №10386-2016

“Cup Cat-Info”, 03-04th June 2017,Mockow

Our new beauty came from “three times born” city Tolyatti. She is ready to show herself. A little star P*Seraphima Nebesnaja Lazur’ (father – Ivan Tsarevich Sineglaziy Angel. mother – Darina Strana Sibiria) the  being very young(4,5 months) took part in an exhibition “Cup Cat-Info” CCL “Fauna” 03-04th June 2017! Although you were not exhibited at the most favorable age of your class, but the stars were formed this way, and I’m very pleased with the results! I’m proud of this creature of the sky and I hope she will have many victories in the future

1st Day:
NOM BIS (Alla Gudkova, АВ WCF Россия) BEST opposite sex

2nd Day:
WCF ring Kitten Place 8 (Total 20) – an expert is Alla Serimoglu (АВ WCF Турция);
NOM BIS (Tamara Gulyanskaya, АВ WCF Россия), Best оpp sex!!!

Valechka, thank you a lot for the girl, which I take with a great pleasure! My family has one more Capricorn! A great thank to the judges for their correct and clear work, and to the organizers of the exhibition – Yamara Vladimirovna and Alla Valentinovna for the great Prize fund and chic rosettes!!!

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