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Cattery to Siberian Neva
Maskarade cats
WCF №10386-2016

Cat-Salon-March, Moscow (18-19 мarch)

Dear friends! I want to share with you the achievements of my graduate Bogdana The Crown of the Sun (mother – Lukerya Nevskay Radost, father – Irgiz Zhemchug Nevy). On her first exhibition “Cat-Salon-March” which was organized by CCL Moscow she debuted in the class of kittens and performed perfectly:
1st day:
WCF ring Kitten (Total 28) – 7th place, expert – Carl-Heinz Knelangen, Germany (WCF, AB); Nom Bis.

2nd day:
WCF ring Kitten (Total 20) – 9th place, Anna Nazarova, Moscow (WCF, AB).
On examination she got ex.1/ex.1 Ludmila Makarova (WCF, AB)/Carl-Heinz Knelangen, Germany (WCF, AB) and got 2 Best variety (best colour) –cool!!! A great thank to the experts for the high marks of Bogdana! And, of course, thanks a lot to the owners of the kitten for care! Well done, my girl! You’ve lived up my expectations!

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