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Cattery to Siberian Neva
Maskarade cats
WCF №10386-2016

“Cat-Salon-April” (22-23 April 2017), Moscow

One more my graduate is Bogena The Crown of The Sun (mother – Lukerya The Neva’s Happiness, father – Irgiz the Pearl of Neva). She visited her first exhibition “Cat-Salon-April” (22-23 April 2017), which was organized by CCL Moscow. She has debuted in the class of the kittens and performed perfectly:
1st day:
WCF ring Kitten (Total 24) – 3rd place, an expert is Deulenko Tatyana, Barnaul (WCF, AB); Nom Bis. Lost the toss-up
2nd day:
Mono breed show – THE Siberian Cats, 9 participants, an expert is Gudkova Helen (WCF, АВ). We have become the best at all and the best in the breed! That’s amazing!!!! Also got nom.BIS! And the first day repeated – the toss-up. And a wonder happened – a lovely child chose the number of the expert Helen Gudkova, who had chosen us!!! As a result we got Best Op. Sex. In the expertise we got marks ex.1/ex.1 Tatyana Deulenko (WCF, AB)/ Ludmila Labutenko.

Experts! Thank you very much for the high marks! And, of course, great thank to new parents – Mary and Constantine Stakines, for all the love they give to this little wonder!!! WELL DONE, daughter! I’m very happy!!!
And a special gratitude to Evgenya Kuznetzova for the great report; I’ve never got so much photos from exhibitions!!!

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